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What are the 10 tips related to building relationships (in any people or friends)​

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Answer from: nelspas422

1. Accept invitations.

2. Listen to them.

3. Give them your time.

4. Communicate effectively.

5.Manage mobile technology

6.Learn to give and take feedback

7. Trust more

8. Develop empathy

9. Be positive

10. Be cheerful

Answer from: kenn14

1. During the first encounter, try to make an impression that may be imprinted in the memories of other people.

2.Smile and show them sincere gratitude for the time and effort they are showing in conversing with you.

3.Listen to what they have to say.

4. answer truthfully and honestly when asked.

5. Make them feel that they are important and needed.

6. Maintain an open communication.

7. Find common interests that may spark additional conversations.

8. Don't readily give advices and sermons or opinions when not asked, they might offend the other person.

9. Focus on to what they are saying.

10. When you cross your paths again, don't be afraid to greet them with a smile or a simple "Hi."

Most importantly, don't try to rush things. This is a process which takes time and effort, but the relationships that we can establish can certainly feel worthwhile.

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