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Directions: Match the given situations in column A with the potential hazards category in column B. Column A
1. Mario is a baker but he cannot focus on his job due to some problem like the low income of his bakery due to Covid 19 pandemic that's why the product he made is not successful.

2. Liza is cooking lunch for the front liner in the kitchen when she accidentally put a dishwashing liquid instead of vinegar.

3. Aling Susan heard the news about the hard lockdown in their placemen because of that she panicked so that she bought a lot of stocks. She bought some bread and suddenly the bread produce some molds because it was stocked for a long period of time.

4. My brother is a utility man in the hospital kitchen. He was asked to carry a gas stove but he suddenly slide on the floor due to poor posture.

5. It is Angelo's Birthday, they wanted to celebrate his birthday outside but it is not possible due to pandemic. They decided to prepare the food in their house, when he was preparing all the ingredients he accidentally cut his finger.

Column B

a. Chemical
b. Psychosocial
c. Ergonomic
d. Physical
c. biological

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Directions: Match the given situations in column A with the potential hazards category in column B....
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