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What is the range of the function y=2(x+8)+8?

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A,b and c in the graph of quadratic function ​
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Acarpenter wants to cut a 16-foot piece of wood into two pieces. the longer piece is to be 1 foot longer than twice the shorter piece. find the length of each piece
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Records of a company show that 15% of the employees have only a high school diploma (h), 75% have bachelor degrees (b), and 10% have graduate degrees (g). of those with only a high school diploma, 12% hold management positions; whereas, of those having bachelor degrees, 58% hold management positions. finally, 82% of the employees who have graduate degrees hold management positions.given that a person holds a management position, what is the probability that she/he has a graduate degree?
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Write the next three equations of 2×2=4​
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What is the range of the function y=2(x+8)+8?...
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